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The theme of this book is ‘10’. Therefore, I guess, it would be apt that I introduce it by telling you the ‘Ten ways in which this book can help you’.

1. First 
few chapters of this book are devoted to, what I would call, as the grammar of finance. In order to master your money matters, you have to first understand these basics. 

Mutual Funds, Real Estate, Gold, Fixed Income instruments, etc. …the list of investment avenues is mind-boggling. Get a hang of each one - in short and simple 10 steps.

3. Right
insurance is not a cost; right insurance is not expensive; right insurance is easily available. Learn how to buy the “right” insurance.

4. Babies
bring with them lots of joy and happiness. But if you want them to become a circle of endless fun and frolic, be aware of the financial angle too. 

5. Discover
why building your own pension plans may in all probability serve you better than most of the readymade products available.

6. Loans
are useful only if used judiciously. Use it wrongly and you could get hurt very badly. Save yourself (and your loved ones too) from this vicious trap.

7. There
may be nothing that you don’t know about inviting financial disaster. Yet, time and again, you do make these mistakes. A constant reminder would perhaps help you to avoid them.

8. Thieves,
nowadays, don’t only come thru’ the doors…they come thru’ computers too. Many of you are still unaware of this new threat. Know the ways in which the computer-savvy criminals use the internet to cheat you and how you can protect yourself.

9. Get 
answers to some of your everyday investment queries.

10. Finally, 
find out how to write a will. It is quite simple. And it makes life simple for your heirs too.

So...Happy Reading!!