Plan for Prosperity - Road to riches with financial wisdom

Are you a 'potential crorepati'?

are the 10 golden rules for successful long-term investing

Are you betting on the brightest stars of the MF universe?

How can Day Trading add spice to your investing?

How important is the relationship between Pati, Patni aur – Paisa!! 

What are the 7 secrets of adding Fun to Budgeting?

This book endeavours to answer these and many more of such important questions about our personal finances, which annoy us day-in and day-out. Using simple language, and being free from any financial jargon or heavy-duty calculations, the book explains a host of issues relating to Mutual Funds, Shares, Loans, Insurance, Credit Cards, Retirement, etc.

Today, we find ourselves in the midst of an ever-expanding universe of financial products and services- each having a set of unique features- advantages, disadvantages and costs. These are not always easy to decipher, which can either lead to missed opportunities or, worse still, serious mistakes.

Through 60 essays providing valuable insights into the world of finance, the book aims to make you understand and appreciate the timeless and profound truths underlying many such products/services.

Sanjay Matai

  • Format:       Hardcover
  • ISBN:           978-81-248-0199-4
  • Size:            222 mm x 145 mm
  • Pages:         237
  • Price:           Rs.375/-
  • Publisher:    Peacock Books [An imprint of Atlantic Publishers and Distributord (P) Ltd.]

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