Your Guide To Finance and Investments 

A Comprehensive and Unique Analysis

of Investment Processes and Products 

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'5 stars for the categorical information available.'... Swaraj Yadav  (Comment on Goodreads)

'It is indeed one that can be given as gift.'...Dr. Jairaj

'It is a very good book for a new investor. It has been written in a simple manner, which can be understood by everyone.'... Md Shahzad  (4-star rating and detailed comment at flipkart.com)

'This book is especially for all of us because it helps when we plan to invest our finances at the right place & at right time.'... Yutika Mehta (5-star rating and detailed comment at flipkart.com)

A brilliant proverb reads:
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach the man fishing and you feed him for a lifetime!”

Accordingly, in continuation to the multitude of books, blogs and articles that I have authored in the past, I now present to you a very simple guide to manage your money efficiently, effectively and effortlessly.

When we talk about investing our hard-earned money, there are numerous products to choose from.

This book presents the necessary information about practically all the investment products available in the market today to a retail investor — at one single place — and in a unique way.

Instead of merely listing the product information and leaving it to the reader to make sense out of it, I have
-  Evaluated each one of them on varied parameters viz. Returns, Time-frame, Liquidity, Risk and Tax (and have also provided informative add-ons)
-  Presented everything in a two-page tabular format — to make it user-friendly with quick access, convenience and clarity.
-  Followed it up with my expert observation.

However, a profitable investment experience is a blend of a productive investment product and best investment practices.

Primarily, in the first part of the book, I have discussed about the ten most fundamental investment practices that you must adopt to derive the best benefits from the investment products that you buy.

Get your investment products and processes right and there are no reasons why you shouldn’t become wealthy and prosperous — and this significantly with knowledge and wisdom.  

This is a handy handbook that you will certainly treasure … forever.

10 Principal Investment Processes
- Design your Financial Destiny : Excerpt    
- Know or No : Excerpt
- There is no room for emotions : Excerpt  
- Prosperity in Diversity
 : Excerpt

- Compound your way to wealth : Excerpt
- Rich SIP by SIP : Excerpt
- When to say Goodbye : Excerpt
- The Lesser you have, the Taller your stand : Excerpt
- Tax is not Taxing : Excerpt
- Why are we not as rich as Warren Buffett : Excerpt

51 Principal Investment Products
Post Office Savings Account, PO Recurring Deposit, PO Time Deposit, PO Monthly Income Scheme, PPF, NSC, Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, KVP, Long-term Income Funds, Short-term Income Fund, FMP, Floating Rate Fund, Arbitrage Fund, Gilt Fund, Diversified Equity Fund, Mid-cap Fund, Thematic Fund, Tax Saving ELSS Fund, Balanced Fund, MIP, Gold ETF, Gold FoF, Gold Fund, Shares, Bank Savings Account, Fixed Deposit, Recurring Desposit, Company FDs, Debentures, GoI Savings Bonds, Tax-free Bonds, Capital Gains Tax Exemption Bonds, Moneyback Policy, Endowment Insurance, Whole-life Plan, ULIP, Pension, National Pension System, Annuity, Real Estate, Commodities, EPF, Gratuity, Gold, Capital Protection Schemes. : Excerpt

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  • Pages:         218
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