Personal Profile
 - What is your age and educational background
 - Details of your family
 - Details of your professional experience
 - What are your income levels and savings
 - Do you have any liabilities
 - Age you like to retire at and monthly expenses you would be comfortable with then.

Investment Objectives
 - Do you have any specific financial needs
 - How much amount you want to invest
 - Will the investment be regular or one-time investment
 - How long are you likely to remain invested
 - Details of your present investments
 - What asset allocation do you want

Insurance and Tax Planning
 - Do you have any insurance & mediclaim policies
 - Does your employer offer you any policies
 - How much insurance do you feel you require
 - What is your average tax liability
 - How are you presently planning you tax

Risk assessment
 - Are you willing to take risk in equity
 - If yes, what % of your total investment can you consider investing in equity
 - What is your risk appetite. How will it emotionally and financially affect you if your
    investment depreciated by say 30%.

 - Rate the following on a scale of 1-5 (low to high)
   > How important is capital preservation? ________
   > How important is growth? ________
   > How important is low volatility? ________
   > How important is inflation protection? ________
   > How important is current cash flow? ________

Note :  Financial Planning is a very personalized affair. The above questionnaire is therefore only a representative. Kindly provide additional information, if any, which you think could have bearing on your financial planning.

(Kindly copy the Questionnaire, fill-up and e-mail at contact@wealtharchitects.in)