Millionaires don't eat cakes...they make them

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Some good books about personal finance from Indian authors...Mr. Asav Patel

'It is a great book to know about managing your personal finance'...Mr. Ravi Kumar (See detailed comment on flipkart.com)

'Kudos for your book - Millionaires don't eat cakes. Hope we do get to read more books from you again'...Mr. Venugopal

'Nice...simple and fundamental'...Mr. Viresh

'I have bought your new book - 'Millionaires don't eat cakes...'. It is easy to read and looks interesting'...Mr. Girish

'Its a Great book, appreciate sanjay a lot on giving the book to us. Recommended book'...Mr.Praneeth

'I bought your book "Millionnaires don't eat cakes.....they make them" on a weekend and now almost finished reading. My compliments to you on writing such a wonderful book'...Mr. Amit

'Fantastically simple financial book. As a beginning I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad 8 years ago, but I had to be really patient and had to have lots of time to understand the language. Here is a superb alternative'...Dr. Satya

A self-help book on personal finance, 'Millionaires don't eat cakes...they make them' uses cooking as an analogy in a novel manner to de-mystify the universe of your personal finances that many find too complex and confusing. It comprises many fascinating graphics that enlighten the subject matter more effectively. The book aims to illustrate:

    *  Why millionaires are millionaires;

    *  How 'income' is different from 'wealth'

    *  What is Income-to-Wealth recipe

    *  How Wealth Creators and Wealth Preservers aid in wealth formation

    *  How Wealth Dissipaters and Wealth Destroyers can cause wealth destruction

    *  Why is it important to Avoid safety and Protect risk

    *  How to become the master financial chef of your multi-millionaire aspirations

The book is a handbook for all those who aspire to be millionaires. The objective is to not only make the readers a better manager of their money, but also endeavour to materialize the multi-millionaire in them.

So what are you waiting for?

I would love to see you all become real millionaires and not just remain millionaire-aspirants.

Read a few excerpts 

Why millionaires are millionaires  

Millionaires avoid safety protect risk

Housewives too can become millionaires

  • Format:       Hardcover
  • ISBN:           978-93-80200-33-0
  • Size:            9.0 x 6.0 inches
  • Pages:         140
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