financial planning

The investment universe is huge with many options -- shares, mutual funds, insurance, Post Office schemes, PPF, KVP, real estate, gold, etc. --  each with a specific return-profile, risk-profile and liquidity-profile. Thus, it is important for an advisor to first understand your detailed financial profile; before he can know what options suit you the most.

Needless to state that there is no single and simple formula applicable to all. 

Therefore, as a starting point, we need to study your 
  *  Personal Profile 
  *  Investment Objectives 
  *  Time Horizon 
  *  Risk Appetite 
  *  Tax Liability  
  *  Insurance Needs 

Refer to the Questionnaire for details. 

Accordingly, we would be able to suggest suitable investment options. We specialize in investing through mutual funds and other financial products. We don't advise on direct equity investing.

We are a fee-based advisory company. We are not associated with/nor agents of any mutual fund, insurance company or any other financial organisation. We do not earn any commission from any company. Further, our website or blog do not carry any advertisements - not even Google Ads.

"Markets cannot be dictated. Markets cannot be predicted. Markets cannot be manipulated. Hope won't make you money  only your acumen will do so." - Excerpted from "Millionaires don't eat cakes...they make them."